Thursday, 30 November 2006

A new lesson of punctuation

Imagine. Imagine a world where punctuation marks were odd, where in fact Punctuation marks are animals, its a very interesting concept...

I would like to present The New Punctuation Marks Thats right I have declared a Penguin as the basis for the New Fullstop (Period for those unfortunate to be American) A polar bear will then serve as the comma thats right a Polar bear for a comma
Its perfectly conventional use of language isn't it
YES thats also rightI just used a Tiger for a exclamation mark This is fun isn't it

Fine then Maybe I'm just easily amused damn you all
Can't a guy have a little fun with English literacy and punctuation

You see this is what 2 trips to Chester Zoo between 2 different weeks does to you whilst trying to animate Pathetic isn't it

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