Tuesday, 21 November 2006

"Thats some unfortunate stereotype" aka 'Sending obese people to war'

Thats right guys, just think of it, all the thin, healthy blokes being sent out to war when, THEY COULD BE SENDING OUT OBESE PEOPLE!

Yes, this is the theory. Send those fat people out to war, to have a workout in training to make them thin, OR...

Presenting...The armchair of destiny.

Yes, we the people; will send those obese people out to war zones where soldiers dare tread, its the perfect way to get rid of these expendable fat-mobiles.
As you can see modeled above by our U2 listening elephant of a man, the Armchair of destiny will used in the cases of obese people who are unable to move, armed with tank tracks and a rocket launcher, the fat man will clear the path to VICTORY!
Controlled either by the occupants mind or through remote control, the 'sitter' can be sent across minefields, into enemy bases and major warzones whilst listening to 'classics' belted out by Bono, Cher and Phil Collins on his limited edition TA iPod.

This is the way to go my friends. This is the way to freedom.

Praise the fat man. Praise him as he is.

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