Tuesday, 21 November 2006

The 'Superman- The movie' Rant

Right so even if Superman was to do this, why do we see him? He would have to be traveling at the speed of light.
That would make the actual scene of the film look like either of the images:

But maybe, just maybe, there is a real science about rotating things to manipulate the flow of time...

• For example, if you spun a sandwich around you could eat it again!(thanks Lilwolf)

• If you flushed the toilet the opposite way you would crap backwards

• If you rotate a book would you be compelled to read it again?

• If you got your bed to rotate after your morning alarm, you would never be late for school/uni/work/

• If you never ever rotated your TV repeats would never exist!

• If you rotated the cast of 'Last of The Summer wine' they would be allowed in nightclubs, have illegal substances and be criminally charged for riding in bathtubs down the hill.

But does that mean that the Russians developed Tetris to travel back in time if you played it enough?
How long would you have to play it?

This subject may also arrive again in the near future.

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