Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Countdown of 2007

I slept in today, until 4 O'clock in the AFTERNOON. Yes, people, that means I missed the new Countdown.
Yes, I watch Countdown, or used to. As I hated Des Lynam as a presenter. He was no replacement for the unfrogettable...uh, what was his name? ah yes...Richard Whitely.

Here is a poem

Richard Whitley died
Lack of humorous ties
His laughter was full of titter,
whilst Des L had little'r
I liked Rich the most
and even body, dead,
Fixated, locked up head
He would be a better host.

But now Des O'Connor is hosting it, instead of Alpha Des.

But wait, lets remember the good times with Alpha Des now we have Beta O'Connor.

Carol: ''What do you think Des?'
Alpha Des:''Well, Carol. fmmmph'l, mphhhmph, hugghmph, heh.''

Des Lynams 'Family/Intellectual TV entertainment' career

Goodbye Alpha Des, may you delight us with your future escapades trying to communicate to people whilst embarrassing yourself on a crap reality TV show for our personal entertainment.
We salute you.

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