Friday, 5 January 2007

Don'tcha want a girl-friend like...Ah-lex Mack?

Wow, awesome. Does anybody remember the show 'Secret World of Alex Mack'? Man, that show was awesome; a tom-boy'ish girl being able to turn into liquid and creep under doors, use telekinesis and shoot electric, that was some lucky girl...thinking about it, with abilities like that as she grew up, there must of been a lucky guy...thinking about it again, wouldn't her ideal man be Odo from Deep Space 9? Bit of an age difference, but I'm sure he could of morphed into a younger version of himself.
Although, looking at the actor of Alex now...
Man, wouldn't it be great to be her boyfriend now at her estimated current age?
Wow, to have a experimental chemical poured over you like that must scar you for life. Also, you could have really kinky fetishes when you grow up, and very confused boyfriends (with the Tomboy attitude too), the mind boggles.
In fact, they should write a character just like Alex Mack for the next series of Torchwood.
!Remember every time she liquidized, her clothes fell off...!
You just KNOW its got potential.

You hear me Russell Teeeeeeeeeeee?...Chris Chibnaaaaaaaaaaall?!

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