Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Everybody needs good...goths

Ha! Heres something funny I've just noticed, that the short and horizontally challenged depressed girl Bree, from Neighbours has had it. Shes become a GOTH!

"In desperate need of a new identity, Bree has begun experimenting. After a brief flirtation with the Paris Hilton look, she has realised that there is really only one way forward for all disaffected and disillusioned young adolescents. Brianna Timmins is now a Goth."

This, to...


Yes, thats right, Bree from Neighbours has become a Goth, you may know this, but I have no idea and haven't seen Neighbours for about a year.
This is incredibly shocking as she looks like:

  • A Rocky Horror (Picture) Show reject
  • Some girl like from a Tim Burton film 'Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, beetlejuice'
  • A possible SG (You know what I'm on about, guys)
  • Matt Lucas
  • A drag artist with a cheeky grin
  • She just woke up during a postmortem
  • Emo
  • The cheese she named herself after
  • Nina Cortex from 'Crash Twinsanity'
  • A female weighty drummer
  • She would bite your tongue off for laughs
  • A lesbian
  • A Bisexual
  • A scary porcelain doll
  • Scary alternate version of the lead singer from Evanescence
  • She goes to the 'Tashe
  • She Never washes
  • She Got attacked by a black inkwell
  • She Discovered oil
  • She has a husky voice, like a man
  • Doctor Girlfriend from Venture Brothers
  • A mime
  • She's colour blind
  • She sneezed next to a tub of talcum powder
  • She chewed the end of black biros
  • She likes licorice
  • Bertie Bassett
  • Marylin Manson as a boy
  • The girl on the video in The Ring
  • The Martians human disguise in Mars Attacks!
  • She belongs in a dysfunctional family sitcom
  • Micheal Jackson
Personally; I would of liked to snigger at the 'Paris Hilton' look too.

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