Sunday, 14 January 2007

MySpace is watching you

Hey ho, there we are all making friends with a guy called 'Tom Anderson'. Well, no, not making friends, its more like 'forced to', why are we forced to have 'Tom' as a friend, grinning like a git?
Because people, I believe he is not real, and 'Tom' on MySpace is more or less a system of control. Like Big Brother, (no, not the TV show that embarrases C list celebrities or gormless camp or screaming members of the public...) 1984's Big Brother, of which the TV shows title is based on. Hell, you might as well have him as your first friend.

Big Brother wants to be your friend

'Tom' full name happens to be 'Tom Anderson'. Hes always there as the little chap looking like he's masturbating at his desk in the corner with some kind of scientific formula on a white board to make a working time machine like Victorians once tried at the background. When you first sign up onto Myspace. That grinning git, eh? So he owned (Rupert Murdoch has it now) Myspace, yeah? He started it?

Blimey, isn't that a coincidence that Tom Anderson is a geek on computers much like, 'Thomas A Anderson' from 'The Matrix'? If you have a look at Wikipedia's article and on 'Tom Anderson' you'll find some interesting theories. Some think 'Tom' is a piece of PR, much like Barry Scott for Cilit Bang.


Ahh, don't you just wish that some day...somehow... somebody will set us free from the artificial socializing utility that is MySpace, maybe one day, One will come to set us free.

"You have 1 new friend, Tom"

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