Saturday, 13 January 2007

Not doing the title of the blog

Yep, thats right!
No procrastinating for me today!
I can't explain what I've been doing, but it involves a printer!

No, I haven't been doing, that.

I've been testing and printing with my brand new Lexmark printer, which talks to me, a bit like KITT...

Unfortunately, the printer doesn't surpass the ability to say (In a very monotonous loud electronic voice) ;

"Printing started..." shortly followed by the predictable, "Printing Complete."
and the seminal,"...Please insert paper into holder."

Admittedly the first time the printer 'spoke' it made me bloody jump. I hit my knee against my rather cramped desk and looked at the printers power button which was red and winking;
"...Please insert paper into holder."
The above actions of the printer may of possibly been built in for people with printer fetishes, with dominant sounding masculine 1930's broadcasters. But didn't really suit me, just made me jump.
Although it might be considered 'cool' every time you print for the printer to 'speak' out loud what its doing, the 'virrrs' and 'clunks' also explain to me its printing also, another way to tell is when your paper starts vanishing into the mouth of the beast. Its not like its going into another dimension or something.
"Ha. Ha. I will send your hard worked essay into another dimension..."
No, the printer does not say that, nor does it make me a cup of tea.
However it does scan, copy, fax and (duhh) print, so its all good, I suppose.

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