Saturday, 13 January 2007

Phileas Fogg's Evil Crisps.

So, three days again I went to purchase some 'goods'.
So I bought some cheap crisps for lunch, mmm, Phileas Fogg tortillas, that'll be nice, ooh, Peppercorn and Cheese flavoured, eh?
(Unfortunately, at this moment I hadn't discovered what Peppercorn and Cheese even tastes like.) To my horror! Shock! One of these could kill! VERY VERY HOT! (For a damn crisp, anyway.)

Just look at them. Tempting, Tantalizing and pure EVIL in a packet.
If tastes could kill. I'm not saying these are awful to eat. They're actually, really, really nice. However, you do need a drink after eating at least THREE of the damned things.
Of course, this makes you go to the toilet an awful lot, which isn't too great.
So, there the tortillas remain, to be eaten another day. Spoiled, but not defeated.

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