Thursday, 15 February 2007

Harry Potter...chess?

Really, just when I get over one bloody hate of Russell Brand (He was funny in the Brit awards and sitcom The Abbey) another past hate countlessly haunts my television.
This being...the demonic, craptastic Harry Potter Chess

I mean, FFS Chess?
This is just shit. Chess, the most boring game in the world is being packaged to be 'cool' with all of those sad people with no imaginations to buy.

WTF is this crap?

I mean, surely there must of been some kind of meeting behind this crap idea.

Meeting begins.

Exec: Right, so we've made cards and spinning tops using manga style to make them look cool. Mangas getting old! We need something new! Now we need to make the most boring game in the world exciting! To give a new edge to it!

Man: How about...chess?

Exec: Jesus Christ! You're promoted Williams! what a great idea! Now all that we need is for it to be shamelessly sold through some franchise. Whats hip and the kids are into now?

Man: Uh...what about Big Brother?

Exec: Take him, men.

Two shade wearing bulky men pick up man and slowly open window and throw him out.

Man: Arrrrgggghhhh!!!

Exec: Now, Jones, have you any ideas?

Jones: Uh...what about...Harry Potter?

Exec: Fan-fucking-tastic! Harry Potter! no doubt that J.K. Rowling will sellout.

Jones: Do I get promoted?

Exec: No. Take him men!

Jones gets picked up by two men with shades and thrown out the window.

Exec: Now, what say, Williams, that me and you keep this a secret between us?

Williams: Uh...y-y-y-yes.

Exec: Take him, men. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

A strike of lightning shoots across the skyscraper as Williams falls to his death, the monster is created; that being 'Harry Potter Chess'.

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