Friday, 23 February 2007

Quantum Freker

I was thinking today, how nice it would be to be 'leaped' into like in the show Quantum Leap.
To let some nice bloke, to jump inside my body and do stuff that I find hard to do, or has difficulty in doing.

You see the chap on the right is Dr Sam Beckett that randomly jumps into peoples bodies in important crisis's in their lives throughout time, changing the future, for the better, to correct 'mistakes' that happened in time.
The chap on the left is Al, who is Sam's constant holographic helper from Earth, who smokes Cuban cigars and gives advice based on the time-line calculating machine Ziggy.

So, hopefully, you get the idea of the show and plot, Sam jumps into peoples bodies, 'corrects' things that went wrong in the future, through being forced into moments in peoples lives in times of peril and difficulty, involving family problems, creative blocks or just having to do something that will change history, no matter how small.

Good idea. Such a good idea. I want to be 'leaped' into.

Imagine, that you had someone to do all of those tasks that you find difficult and get a headache over and end up procrastinating, well, all that can be changed.

...with a Quantum Leap!

Maybe Sam could do all my work! To make me a success, so then, I don't have to do much as the stuff that Sam did in my body, will be mine! Hahahah!
And I will be famous! I'm waiting Sam!

I'm waiting...

Sam materializes in my body in my room, whilst typing up a blog post.

Sam: Oh Boy.

Sam looks in mirror, sees a unshaven, strange looking man with hair growing over his eyes, Sam tries to blow the hair out of his eyes, but fails, Al materializes .

Al: Ziggy says your mission is to get this mans 'Project CT' comic written.

Sam: Whats Project CT?

Al: It'll be the greatest sci-fi comedy comic the world would ever see, poking fun out of many areas of popular culture...if you get it written.

Sam: Wow, thats hard. I have to write a graphic novel based on these untidy notes?

Al: Ziggy also says that you should get him a girlfriend.

Sam: Uh...I'd rather write the graphic novel, 'might be easier.

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