Thursday, 8 February 2007

That was the best day of my life, ever...

I woke up an after going back to sleep this morning. Why you ask. Let me tell you, 'the Spanish party'.

Other than that, I turned on GMTV.

"Snow. Do not go out, South Wales covered with snow."

So I looked outside my window, snow, not a great deal, more like frost, closed the curtains and had breakfast and my cup of tea, then I carried on watching GMTV.
Briefly chatting on the internet with my friend Lilwolf, we both talked about the snow and what the conditions had caused.
Eventually, it was time to go 9.15 to go to uni. I opened the curtains.


It looked like a film set from a Christmas movie. The snow looked so...beautiful.

Seeing a old fashioned place like Wrexham covered in snow was amazing and the little train station looked amazing like out of a chocolate box illustration. I was so happy to be walking in the snow in this beautiful landscape that I even doodled smiley faces on the top of the snow covered bins all the path down to the art and design block of the university...

I arrived in the room, half the class had turned up, and apparently whilst I was walking down, our tutor, Yyvone told us to go to a media lecture.

I already knew about this lecture, but because it was during uni time, decided not to go.

Just so you know, the lecturer and presentation was from a man called Magnus Scheving. This man, from Iceland had started a program where he acts as a very healthy and sporty man, in a jogging suit and with a thin two parted mustache and hat and goggles, he also wears blue with white and black stripes down the side. He lives in a town thats Lazy.

Thats right. I'm talking Sportacus from Lazytown.

Hows that? I was going to a presentation by the guy who played Sportacus. Mainly about Lazytown, this was in my opinion, amazing. Cult'ily amazing.

I have to admit too, the man is a genius. Hes made Lazytown work into every kind of merchandise and medium. It started as a book, to a series of books, to a musical, into a TV show, from a TV show into a spin off children's challenge show, into a cinema, into a health plan, into food merchandise, to sport goods, to help parents, to fill a gap that was in the market.
And this guy, he was just nice. I mean, with all that, you'd expect him to look down on everyone, but he didn't he was a really nice guy. Its just a shame he was so ill.

I'll never look away at Lazytown again. It is good, It probably has changed the world, he'd planned and tested it over and over again and countlessly developed the idea.
I've done that too with 'Project CT'; I thought I was doing wrong spending about 7 years on ONE IDEA and developing it and keeping it secret for that long. But I haven't, he did too.
Project CT isn't a children's programme, but as Magnus said;
"Any idea is a good idea."

I even had a tiny little chat with him after the lecture and asked him was it a good idea to keep developing a idea in private for so long?
I was glad that he said;
"Yes. Don't release anything until its ready. Until you feel comfortable with it, but make sure theres a gap in the market for it, just keep, keep on going, no matter how crazy the idea is, someone'll pick up on it when you realize just how much work you've put into it."

(Believe me, theres a gap in the market for CT)

I would of talked to him last, but I had to ask this marketing and creative genius that question, okay, he did cover it a bit during the presentation, but I had to ask, personally, to show that I had an idea, I explained what I've done so far, and he replied;
"You're doing the right thing, just keep coming back to it, over and over and over again. Have a plan and you have something. You have a prototype to explain what you're trying to do."

The guy was ill, poor man. He'd been puking more or less since he got off the plane and felt ill throughout the presentation, I said 'thanks after my brief two minutes with the man and went back with my mates to the art block.
It really made me think. What to tweak within project CT and making the 'Pilot comic' is a good idea.
I know CT will be impossible to sell (or hard to convince someone to buy), but there is currently a gap in the market, there will be and is currently nothing else like it, trust me.

And nobody ever 'dis Lazytown; Because we may of all turned out and been better people because of watching it when we were younger.

Oh, and Ian got his signature.

! I want a scan of that. !

GO! :D

I shall leave you with this:

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