Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Biscuit Tricks

I tell you, ten minutes ago, I sworn I found the Holy Grail.
There it was, shining in all its glory...the White Chocolate Digestive...oh wait, no, no. Its just a bloody upside down Jammie Dodger in bad lighting.
Realizing this; I was immediately pissed off and to make it even worse; I wanted a white chocolate covered digestive.
I typed up 'White Chocolate Digestive' in Google. Apparently they do exist...now, why, oh why, can't I buy them?
You would of thought that a White Chocolate Digestive would be very popular. I mean, they have Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and even Mint covered chocolate digestives.
Just imagine the taste of a White Chocolate Digestive dipped in a lukewarm cup of tea...ahh, heaven. But those hypocrites decide to release every flavour of chocolate digestive but White Chocolate.

F**k you, Jammie Dodger, just f**k you, thats for acting like a tempting, beautiful, explosion of taste that would be a White Chocolate Digestive biscuit oh yeah...and killing Johnny from 2 Pints. B**stard, I'll never look at you the same way again.

1 comment:

  1. Have they stopped selling the white chocolate digestives? They were limited edition, think they come out at Christmas (white chocolate's like snow, I guess), I practically lived off them a couple of years back. They are as nice as you'd imagine.