Sunday, 8 July 2007

Internet Mean Time

Well, I've come up with another concept. Maybe a little un-original, but y'know that old argument about 'time being man-made'?
Well, I'm thinking of there being a separate time zone for the internet, people on the internet. You see, apparently; 'Time flies when you're having fun' right, thats valid.
I'm not always having 'fun' on the internet. But boy, does time fly.

Heres my following theory:

Its not any work of genius or anything, its just what I think. If I don't look at a clock whilst on the internet (only browsing), the time goes faster than playing on the XBOX or the PS2 etc.
You no longer see hours pass. Things are counted in half hours and odd minutes when you glance down (up on my desktop) and see the time. You NEVER hardly ever see the clock turn to an hour.
Okay, fine, so I wasn't looking at the clock, yeah, but at least I have a basic idea how long I've been playing a game when I'm on a console.
Recently I've been having 'little talks' on MSN that last over 2 hours or so.
For example, one of my friends saw most of Doctor Who series 3 online, whilst I just 'browsed' on the internet, really doing nothing fun at all.
Doctor Who episodes are 45 mins each approx!
That means, 13 episodes...(he only saw 12) must come up to about 4 or 5 hours or so and we talked between the show and I had done NOTHING!
So judging by that, the internet has no time.

Internet Mean Time, right? Gottit?

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