Saturday, 28 July 2007


Just what are computers beginning to mean to me?
I beginning to hate my computer and the internet as a whole.
Yes, there is a lot to do on the internet and a lot of free things to get, almost all digital.
I've ended up collecting things, just for the hell of it, but they all seem meaningless, the websites I go for news and downloads daily, pointless.
It all has no meaning, I'm not sure where my time is going and enough isn't enough.
I don't particularly socialise on the 'net, because I don't believe in it.
I have 4 days off a week and most is spent on this cursed internet or just the laptop.
I'm doing nothing creative, nothing really worthwhile, things that will NEVER get me anywhere in life.
Its a whole love/hate relationship with the internet, its not fun. It appears fun, but it isn't, its just timewasting.
Problem is; I can't stop, I can't damned concentrate on anything else either.
I'm really beginning to hate the internet and what it stands for, because, fantastic as it may be, it just stands for nothing.
Maybe I should start monitoring the time on this evil, timewasting thing, because, I'm ALWAYS bored on the internet, never happy enough, always wanting more.

This of course; does not affect consoles, as Earth Defence Force 2017 is one of the finest, original games I have ever played.

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