Saturday, 1 March 2008

Cloverfield; The Game Possibilities

Well, weeks ago, I saw Cloverfield. It was amazing, just yesterday I saw Rambo, that was also quite amazing. Ten minutes ago I played Crisis Zone which was also quite good.


Cloverfield+Rambo+Time Crisis= Wow.

Now, just in deeper detail, those of you who have seen Cloverfield...(and those who have the misfortune to come across this blog)
I'd just like to talk on my theory how Cloverfield would be an awesome lightgun game.

Now, if you've seen Cloverfield, the main genius is that it is based on the fact that the government is rewatching recorded video evidence evidence for the case designated; Cloverfield.
Basically, something colossal, starts destroying New York in the old Godzilla charm but actually made as if it was real and happening.

Now, people have talked about a Cloverfield game, but constantly talk about the 'lack of plot' (which is rubbish IMO)
Now, take the fancy camera angles of Cloverfield (with the handi-cam feel) and shove that into a Time Crisis like gameplay.

And basically you would get a fictional game called 'Cloverfield: Operation Hammer Down'

Make the levels separate recorded tapes off of the army's headsets all managing to figure out weaknesses with the creature and the 'offspring'. Some soldiers you will play as will die, some will survive, or some the helmet would just be found during the aftermath. Maybe, clues should be left in the behavior of the soldiers head twisting or crazy, shellshocked whispers as the camera bobs and occasionally distorts the picture whilst you try to shoot something. Maybe some could defy his own orders and actually get involved with saving the public or running towards his own family.

I'm no game designer, but this is an awesome idea IMO. The film Cloverfield is basically a 'Film on Rails'; telling the story from one perspective. A Rail shooter would be perfect; on the internet, others have said that a FPS or a strategy would work, no, Cloverfield is MADE to be the most awesome next-gen rail shooter in videogame history.

For a basic idea of what I'm on about; Watch the above clip and imagine blended with the crazy military scenes from Cloverfield. Or, like, watch the clip below (But, y'know...only if you've seen the movie)

I mean, come on, there could even be a section where you briefly see 4 people dodging and running past cars whilst one holds a camcorder.
This could be very awesome. Maybe one of the best film licenced (minus Lego) games, ever.

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  1. I like the way you think. The world needs more light gun games.