Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Words I believe I invented.

Well, I figure I've done my part for the community/world; without particularly being noticed for it.

Thats right.

I claim I invented the widespread internet used words;

  1. The opposite of Negative
  2. Can also be used as Megatively

  1. Awesome, but also sonic.
  2. Something awesome happening fast.


To be bored for what appears to be eternity.


Anything created/thought of/pondered by ME.

Do I have proof for this? maybe so.

A site I used to use back in the summer of 2005 when I was at college, before either the new series of Doctor Who begun or the Hitchhikers Guide film was made...
Note the used words; 'Awesomicly frekerized'.

Distinct use of 'Boredomity' on front page, awesomic further down. Made to replace Freeweb site.

Also for those lucky enough to use Live Spaces and know me

Compared to the other dates of the words in Google, my word mentions are about the most clearly used and earliest dated.

Now with this page, Google should bring it up as a top result too. Let the whole world know!

Take that Internet!

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