Tuesday, 15 September 2009


This is the first post of this brand new intended blog. Each blog I end up creating, I consider to be an different era (like the movements of Picasso), my past life etc, I try to ignore what happened previously and just move onto a whole new level of thinking. I feel every now and then, because my situations and intentions have changed sometimes it makes sense to make a new blog.

As of now I am a postgraduate BA hons Animation student, I am going into an MA course in the same field in a few upcoming weeks. I am also involved in a preinc scheme and that is a company bulit upon a few friends who we are very sure are very capable of working together due to previous experience in the field which has been named 'Monsterfox'. Obviously all of this is very exciting and will undoubtedly be a whole new venture and experience, at the same time I will be multitasking the preinc, MA and part time job (the last one is in the process of 'looking for'). One does wonder how I will have time on my own, but in this period, I think it's worth it. Sometimes you have to take a gamble or two.

Anyway, I have started writing this blog very much like a diary and it will voice concerns, but won't directly refer to anyone (obviously because this is the internet). This blog should hopefully reflect my interests in an easy condensed way. It may look bare, but if I can keep up with everything I feel this blog will be a great thing to look upon in the near future.

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