Sunday, 7 February 2010

OBEY...Oh Wait, I mean 'pepsi'

This can sits across from me at my desk. It looks at me in a contorted manner, it is embodied evil, if it was on the 1960's Batman TV series, it would have a slanted angle.

I'm taking about the unfamiliar design of the Pepsi can. Gone has the original energetic 'Pepsi' look;

Just look at it, the almost Yin Yang logo, oh so familiar, it just exemplifies pure action, adventure and energy. Just look at that kinetic energy shown on a static image. Perfection. I got used to seeing this a heck of a lot because of 'The Big One' at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Whoops, I mean, Pleasure Beach Blackpool) and the park pretty much nearly being sponsored by it.

THEN America does this atrocity on the left. I tell you, I fancy screaming like the end scene of the original 'Planet of the Apes'. The logo has been changed to a slant and all the font is in lower case. In fact, it looks like some kind of medical drug, maybe that was the intention.

I can't help but feel that this design stands out more as a statement than a title. It's telling me;


Now, I agree, that's what a product is supposed to do, call out the name. But just just seems like an evil whispering voice in my head. "pep-siii...'. Other than that, I read it and it sounds like an order, a speech or a catchphrase for a new world order.

Thinking about it, I can easily see this as a logo for a corrupt future corporation, something like Cyberdyne Systems, Weyland-Yutani or Rekall. It just seems more of a statement to me.
Heck, I can even imagine Hitler announcing it in a speech with the Pepsi logo at the background.

Still looking at it, I find myself imagining grabbing a pair of shades to see the truth like in classic John Carpenter film 'They Live'.

Yeah, I'm really not a fan of this look. It even somehow manages to look like a logo for suntan lotion. I hate it, this US rebranding sucks, I don't think it's officially made it to the UK, more on that if I manage to find a can other than part of a multideal in a pound shop.

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