Saturday, 20 February 2010

Top Gear: The Animated Series

Ages ago, I did a random drawing in University. For some odd reason, I was compelled to see how the presenters of Top Gear, characters in their own right would look like as cartoon characters and if if they had a wacky, adventurous animated TV series. I also drew versions of the characters for my friend Naz, inside his birthday card due to him liking them so much.

After a while of having the A3 copy on my wall, I decided to give it another bash, because I felt that Richard Hammond and James May didn't look as good as my big chinned version of Jeremy Clarkson. So after applying what I learnt recently in simple character design, I tried again. This time the other two have much more character, but some old habits of my style remain, but the Jemery Clarkson pic looks even better than before.

Anyway, this was a post exploring what Top Gear would look like as a Animated Series on CBBC or something of the like. Who knows, I might even take this pointless sidequest even further, y'know, as long as I don't get sued.


Here are some better versions of Hammond and May.

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