Monday, 15 February 2010


All my troubles seemed so far aw...wait. That's not what I meant to type.

Anyway, yesterday (stops temptation to burst into type song again) I uploaded last years final film and God. It, is, terrible! I uploaded it due to being Valentine's Day, just to see what would happen, a bit of faux marketing, shall we say?

This film became the sole reason I signed up to do the MA, company or no company, I just wanted a chance to be better and get educated in doing it and also having that level of pressure. Anyway, I've got closure now, because the film is on Youtube for anyone's viewing, it's not the best stuff, heck, it's not really good at all and I'm only proud of 3 seconds.

After uploading the film, I couldn't help but wonder if the next project is biting something that I can't chew. Although, I did rush the film in state of panic in the last 4 weeks and dumped a pitch which I will only refer to 'Project MBFZ!!!', which most of my friends now know about and constantly encourage me to send somewhere, (but it's not ready yet).

Going back to last year's film, I wasn't happy with most my pencil animation, found that a lot of stuff had to be rubbed out on Toonboom, redrew a lot of character action last minute. That's probably why the rolling eyes, I didn't quite know what else to do with the characters between the long dialogue, the lipsynch is acceptable and the characters are both, horribly, horribly designed and that's why that look has to be buried and to get more advanced and free in drawing skills.

Here's the finished film. I didn't quite notice the credits I left it with until the other night.

Also, I completed Bioshock over most the weekend; "Would you kindly".

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